Ruby AEB Vanderzee

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Eating my way around the USA

Former LeapFrog Colleague Lunch, SF

Mirsada's Too Much Parsley Goodness, The Tenderloin, San Francisco

Liney's First Papusa, The Mission, San Francisco

Erich's Blueberry Birthday, Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin

The Best Enchilladas Ever, Green Chilis and Spicy Ground Pork, Thank you, David and Jordan, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Grandma's Picnic Table, Sunset Grover Beach, Homemade soup, jello salad and pork tenderloin, Central Coast of California

Tartine, Patisserie Extra Ordinaire, $60 Breakfast, San Francisco

Kosher Chinese, Chinatown, SF

Enough Said

Grand Central Market, in the old hood, Downtown Los Angeles

Best Cappuccino EVER, Cafe Henri, Long Island City, Brooklyn, NY


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