Ruby AEB Vanderzee

Monday, August 09, 2010

"Ruby's Studio:The Feelings Show" with Mel Brooks!

I am very proud to announce the release of a 45 minute live-action show that I wrote and developed! It is for kids 3-6 and teaches how to name and identify feelings- something we could all remember to pay more attention to! Order one from the website through the link below!

"Ruby's Studio" Show Opening from The Mother Company on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Authors Ann and Jack Bradt complete debut novel

After nearly three years, Lil' and Bill, Dad and my debut novel is...readable! Any takers? We are looking for a copy editor before navigating the publishing process.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Shack Update

The Shack exterior and interior was completed November 24, 2009 just in time for arrival of Thanksgiving week visitors Abbie Longero and Julie and Charlie Malinsky-Adams. 3 cords of wood were unloaded onto the porch and under the deck. I've settled in and enjoy making my morning coffee on the stove, writing in the loft and sunsets thru the westward facing windows. More pictures to come.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Shack Chic

My dream get-away would look a little something like this. It would be surrounded by trees, have electricity, but no plumbing, lots of light and a wood burning stove.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

At Home Everywhere

Sometimes I feel most at home in motion...trains, planes, bikes, on horseback or clicking my heels down the streets of NYC. Life is good. The rolling stone...yada yada...

Counting my Blessings

My dear sweet NYC friends are taking such good care of me as I move back and forth in my gypsy year between Madison and NY.

Eating my way around the USA

Former LeapFrog Colleague Lunch, SF

Mirsada's Too Much Parsley Goodness, The Tenderloin, San Francisco

Liney's First Papusa, The Mission, San Francisco

Erich's Blueberry Birthday, Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin

The Best Enchilladas Ever, Green Chilis and Spicy Ground Pork, Thank you, David and Jordan, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Grandma's Picnic Table, Sunset Grover Beach, Homemade soup, jello salad and pork tenderloin, Central Coast of California

Tartine, Patisserie Extra Ordinaire, $60 Breakfast, San Francisco

Kosher Chinese, Chinatown, SF

Enough Said

Grand Central Market, in the old hood, Downtown Los Angeles

Best Cappuccino EVER, Cafe Henri, Long Island City, Brooklyn, NY

Kyle and Don's Wedding

These brave and beautiful men were happily married on July 25 in San Francisco, CA. Many tears and toasts to the great State of California for honoring love between any two people.

Marin with the Fayzinator

To Grandmothers house I go...

An Amtrack down the coast from San Francisco to Grover Beach to see my good old totally Americana grandparents. A mile from the beach and my favorite grove of eucalyptus trees....So sweet it is to have

Los Angeles, Baby, Baby, Baby

My loveliest friends are reproducing...and the world is a better place for it! Welcome Elijah and Dylan! Gorgeous and Gorgeous, a combination of their divine parents!