Ruby AEB Vanderzee

Friday, April 28, 2006

Zzzzzz....Black Rider!!!

Flying fabulousness! This dark, mimed tale had me on the edge of my seat! Sold out in SF last year, got to opening night at the Ahmenson, here.
Tom Waits and William Burroughs, a beat poet score and script. The weirdest wonder I've ever seen on stage.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Bob Baker Marionettes

"I'm just a lonely little Petunia in an onion patch!" sings this little Hollywood sweetheart.

Josh and I happened upon an LA treasure on Sunday. A 3/4 thrust sprinkled with little people both human and stringed. Tinsel and crystal chandeliers, marionettes and an origianl score written and crafted 45 years ago. What a wonderland!

Temescal Canyon

Josh, Sarah and I journied up the Pacific Coast Highway on Satuday to hike by waterfalls, climb trees and meet a lovely Nepalese family- Turka, Durga and Sabrina. (Grandfather, Daughter, little sparkle child with rainbow and hearts painted on her face.) Sending out thoughts to those suffering in Nepal due to the climate of political unrest after the assassination of their royal family last year.

Peter Grigsby Photographer Extraordinaire!

Check out this guy with an incredible eye! Just back from Ecuador, Peter is a river rafting friend of mine. Here's one from a fun session we did in Carpentaria, CA this last fall. His work is extraordinaire!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Top of Topanga

After only 7 months (!) of living in L.A., I made it on a hike to Topanga Canyon yesterday after work. It's only ten minutes from work! Josh and I hiked in the State Park in the red light of evening. Crows and more crows and lizards and tall green grass. From the top we saw the ocean, Malibu and the Santa Monica bay. The Santa Monica Mountains are the only in the U.S. that run east to west. Super disorrienting. But, omg! No more 405 for me! Over the hills and through the woods to the beach I'll go!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Ruby AEB Vanderzee

Ruby AEB Vanderzee

Easter News!

My sister, MARCA, is pregnant. My sister. Is. Preg-a-nant. Halleluia!

Monday, April 17, 2006

A Thank You to Tony Mora....

My friend, Tony Fantastic Mora, aka THE ANIMATOR, helped me to start my blog today. Hip, hip, hurray! Thanks, Tony Mora! You're a special guy.