Ruby AEB Vanderzee

Friday, May 18, 2007

Where I'm headed...Who I want to be....

Gurtrude the Pigeon

In the hood with my peeps

Our crew from LA and DC came to town last weekend. We hiked to Brooklyn thru the LES, over the bridge and had an incredible adventure. A London style market, a French couch surfer, "Ou est Laurent?", a lechee martini at the Surfer bar with sand covered floors, Japanese tapas and a DUMBO loft party with lifesize flower and mushroom lights. Back in Manhattan, McSorley's, Burp Castle, and Pomme Frites. What a day! (and night)

Josh's DNA portrait arrives Tuesday.

This is Josh's art purchase. Now the two spots on the wall in our 200sq. ft home are filled with the universe within and the universe without. Come visit our tiny gallery!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

We've got ART, people!

I brought my William Fields home today. Happy 30th to me!

Bomb it!

Co-Producer, Arnel San Pedro, former SF roomate brought this film to town for Tribeca and through an incredible after party on the LED. Just see it.

Dorks for Bjork

A dear friend from SF journied to NYC to see Bjork at the Apollo. I feel so lucky that he invited me! We were in the second row and she sang right to us. What a channel of pure sound and energy. Bjork, you make total sense to me. The show realigned my chi- Rockin' woman on the crazy Chinese instrument. Back up gals with horns and side ponies, flags sticking out of their heads. Even the journey up to the theater was powerful. Thanks, Purple!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Weaving the Web of Peace

Couch by couch, around the world and through the web, we're coming together. Who is responsible for this WONDERFUL website?

Definitely worthy of the Nobel!