Ruby AEB Vanderzee

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Josh in Rome!

My sweet love has gone to Rome to celebrate the wedding of his childhood friend from LA. It's so hard not to discover that city with him but thank goodness for the internet and cell phones. He just rang to say, "I'm sitting on the Spanish steps, look it up..."

Sitting in my office in NYC at 11:30am, he's going into evening there 5:30pm. His hosts, the fabulous couple who live in "The House of Colors"! Oh, to be two places at once!!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

I am going to start Graduate School at NYU!!!!

So, I did move to NYC for NYU afterall!

The price is high.
The advisors have advised. (Thank you Suzanne, Michael, Dad, Aunt Joanne.)

I'm going with Mom on this one. Mother knows best, right?

I wouldn't have applied if I didn't have a NEED, a thirst, an insatiable appetite for SKILLS to continue advancing in my field. And, there IS always a value to higher education.

The Graduate Program is NYU's Gallatin School of Individualized Studies. My field?
Children's Educational Media.

I will start with one class in the fall. (At the low, low price of $4000/class!!!!) Donations accepted, by the way. Funding for Grad School is like zilch, unless you're a PhD. I am considering that route eventually, but my bind is that I'm multi-disciplinary, needing to draw from courses in media production, business, education and dance/anthro. I will continue working at full time as a Producer. I can afford to do it one class at a time. On the pay-as-I-go program.

The pie in the sky goal was/is to create a kids' show and get my Master's for it. Bill Cosby did it (Fat Albert!) and so can I! I have an incredible advisor, Lynne McVeigh, who is the mecca of all things Kids TV, NYC.

This one's for me. And, I'm thrilled!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

realbirth and reddy's

Taking childbirth education at realbirth here in Chelsea. What a wonderful resource!

Also, wanting to push the pads that make mooning beautiful. Yeah, Ashley!

Friday, April 06, 2007

So, Carnival.....

It's a must see, full participation required kind of event.

Go, Go, Go!!!

Ruby's last camio

Writer/Director Dave Donihue does it again. After Parzania controversially hit India, it comes to NY Moma this month. His next piece, the weathered underground, is the first choose your own adventure hipster love story for the ipod and playstation. It debuted last month at SxSw in Austin. It will be available in the fall. Play Eric's side to find Diana. That's me!

When do I get to go to space?

I'm so jealous...

Thursday, April 05, 2007

And the YouTube winner is....

Most creative, for sure.

Breastfeeding and Daft Punk!!

After work yesterday I ran some happy(pay day) errands on the Lower East Side. A misty spit of rain spritzed the April evening, the flower stands fragrant with tulips and daffodils.

First stop at Bluestockings, my new favorite Feminist bookstore.
I picked up an amazing book on Breastfeeding (required reading for Doula certification, not an announcement of any sort) and within the first 10 pages already know volumes more about the miracles of the mammaries.

Then, just around the corner, up Orchard to Houston, I stopped in at Mercury Lounge Box Office for perhaps my happiest ticket purchase EVER.... That's right... Daft Punk, live, on Coney Island, August 9, 2007. I encourage you to refresh yourselves with their brilliance with this slice of choreographic perfection....

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

William Fields

Click here to view original artwork by William Fields

Louise Ross Gallery in New York says:
"Informed by hermetic science and a lifelong study of world religion, Fields’ virtuosic, brilliantly colored drawings transport the viewer to a fantastic universe – a cosmology where gods and demigods exist under moons and constellations of the artist’s own conjuring. Figures dissolve and reconstitute themselves repetitiously in accelerating rivulets of electrified color and delineation; monumental apparitions emerge out of dense, multi-faceted metamorphoses of form. Jewel-like faces materialize and dematerialize in tandem, since the entranced artist doesn’t know what he is bringing to life as the drawing nears completion. The work reveals an artist who is in the service of a magical force."

Biography from Winstom/Salem Gallery:
"Meditative journeys and out-of-body experiences are the inspiration for the unique artwork of William Fields. In conveying the power of his own spiritual visions, Fields has developed a complex iconography of forms and symbols, many borrowed from a wide range of world religions. Born in 1940, Fields has no formal art training and is considered a self-taught, visionary artist such as Minnie Evans or the Reverand Howard Finster. Since his earliest visions Fields has made an exhaustive study of non-Western religions, including Saivism, Tibetan Buddhism, Gnostic Christianity and Theosophy and these studies form the background for his current series of work, The Illuminations Suite.
"Fields' pastel and pencil drawings are almost figural depictions of spirit beings to whom he relates in visions,"writes David Need for the Independent Weekly. "The drawing itself is elegant and restrained; the works stand on their own in terms of craft. At first glance, the images have a psychedelic vocabulary, but their power goes far beyond the ornamental design effects of 1960s art. The figures are complex, with multiple faces and bodies...the effect is to suggest a dynamic, relational presence."

William Fields has exhibited his large scale drawings at the Weatherspoon Art Museum in Greensboro, the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art (SECCA) in Winston-Salem, the Columbia Museum, Wake Forest University and Duke University. His artwork has been reviewed in Art in America, Raw Vision and the New York Times.